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Custom Massage $50... 60 min. (reg $65)

Deep Tissue $70.... 90 min. ( reg $90)

Neck, Back & Shoulders $30....30 min. (reg $45)



A relaxing massage with Lavender aromatherapy with medium to firm pressure to release every day stress.


A massage recommended for those stressfull and demanding days. Long relaxing strokes with light to medium pressure with kneading to flush out stress and tension from your muscles.


Hot Stone placement $5

Hot Stone massage add on $15



 Gift Certificates are Available.













About the Practitioner

Kendra R. Wright Board Certified Massage Therapist
I received my massage education from Heritage College in May 2006 with an AOS Degree.
I believe in obtaining a position in the Health Care Field as a Massage Therapist to provide excellent therapeutic care.
I'm in this field because I love helping people.


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