Stress Management



Custom Massage $50... 60 min. (reg $65)

Deep Tissue $80.... 90 min. ( reg $90)

Neck, Back & Shoulders $30....30 min. (reg $45)



A relaxing massage with Lavender aromatherapy with medium pressure to release every day stress.


A massage recommended for those stressfull and demanding days. Long relaxing strokes with light to medium pressure with kneading to flush out stress and tension from your muscles.


Add Ons

Hot Stone placement $5

Hot Stone massage $15

Sinus Massage $15



 Gift Certificates are Available.













About the Practitioner

Kendra R. Wright Board Certified Massage Therapist
I received my massage education from Heritage College in May 2006 with an AOS Degree.
I believe in obtaining a position in the Health Care Field as a Massage Therapist to provide excellent therapeutic care.
I'm in this field because I love helping people.


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